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Quintessens - CardScan Integration with Lotus Notes

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In what is as much a bookmark for myself as anything else, I wanted to link you all to a rather detailed article written by Patrick on how to integrate CardScan software with Lotus Notes.  As he says it's actually a couple of articles and a demo database:

In a previous posting I wrote how I created an Notes application that is able to import information collected via a CardScan device into a Lotus Notes aplication.

Well I have prepared a demo and is available for download.

The application is tested on a local machine and I do not inted to give support on questions, but for improvement suggestions I am always open.

Thanks Patrick! Now I just need to buy a device...


1 - hej! thanks for linking to the article. I hope to see some people benefit from it.

As I have been working with several versions of the scanner, there are a couple of 'older' scanners lying around in the office. (with our without the official boxes but with the official software) If someone would be interest in one???

I do not know how shipping rates would be, but I am located in Sweden...



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