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DCNUG Meeting This Thursday - The REAL Show-n-Tell


External ImageThe DC Notes User Group will be having our first "real" meeting in a while this Thursday (last month we basically just talked about what we wanted to talk about).  Among the topics to be covered (as you might have guessed from my choice of graphic) will be something called "SuperNTF".

Details: 10/18/07 @ 4PM @ National Geographic (1145 17th Street, NW - use the Courtyard entrance on M Street between 16th & 17th streets)


- Native Notes Archiving combined w/Google Enterprise Desktop is the perfect answer to the huge e-mail storage offered by Google, Yahoo, and others (archiving overview which goes into how the policy/settings work (DCC, show an advanced debug console config), and how tier the mail into (1) primary mail server, (2) archive server and (3) DVD/CD long-term storage. )  Imagine, all the advantages of the Notes client with nearly unlimited mail storage that is immediately accessible.

- Focus : Learn how to build a quick app with the OpenNTF open source SuperNTF from the head chef (some guy named Kevin Pettitt )

It will be interesting to see if the earlier "during the day" timeslot attracts more people than the usual "after work" slot.  Being a fairly new parent, I have recently come to realize that it is often *harder* to miss junior's dinner, bath, and bedtime than a couple hours of work.  Hopefully we'll see some new faces and my theory will be confirmed.

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