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Free Tools for Importing Excel Data Into Notes


Excel to NotesI've been meaning to blog about the incredibly powerful if boringly named "Import" database/tool from the folks at AGE Computer Consultancy in Australia for, well, ages (sorry, couldn't help myself).  There is also a simpler "wizard" tool which was featured in Thierry Seunevel's March/April 2007 VIEW article Automatically import/export spreadsheet and other data with Notes wizards .  In fairness, I did mention these tools in my OpenNTF Blast presentation from ILUG earlier this year.  What finally caused me to break down and write this blog entry was this post from Giulio Campobassi lamenting the inability to save a Lotus Symphony spreadsheet in 1-2-3 format.  He goes on to complain:

...I will usually want to do it so I can simplify the import and export operations I come across. Especially in cases when configuring up client systems using an initial import of data from the excel spreadsheet the client has been using for the last 5 years.

Every time I read something like this I just want to yell "STOP, you don't have to suffer!" Now that I know you're reading this, I will no longer feel the need to yell, so thank you for reading.  You may take the cotton out of your ears.

By using either or both of these tools, you can completely avoid the need to use the native 1-2-3 import to Notes functions.  You also get several other capabilities, and both tools allow you to save and reuse import settings.

With the AGE Import tool you can:
  • Import spreadsheet data to update *existing* Notes documents
  • Use in lieu of LEI or Notrix when those tools are overkill but you don’t want to write a custom import agent
  • Define key matching, update behavior, field mapping, data transformations, et. al.
  • Schedule recurring import jobs to run automatically

With Thierry's import wizard you can:
  • Quickly import basic spreadsheet data into Notes
  • Map spreadsheet columns to form fields or view columns
  • Save import "profiles" for later reuse

And did I mention that both of these tools are completely free?


1 - I have used AGE Import for quite some time ago and love it. Definitely a great free tool

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3 - AGE Import tool is not free! Emoticon

4 - sir i want use Agent to import data from a view on the Web Application in a lotus Notes through browsing

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6 - It is not free anymore.
Have a look at the below.
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7 - Message from AGECOM....
Due to the huge popularity of our Import Utility for Lotus Notes / Domino we are now investing more time in supporting and performing ongoing maintenance of the product. Hence we now charge a license fee for the product. We have, however, kept the price to a minimum - $79 (Australian).

For more details and to download the import utility click the following link:
{ Link }

8 - Anyone got a link to Thierry's Import Wizard?
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