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SuperNTF 0.9.7d Released


Keeping the momentum from last week's long awaited new release of SuperNTF, I've posted another release that represents a significant improvement in terms of bug fixes, usability tweaks, and quick start documentation. Among the tweaks are a new "feedback" button and a "What is SuperNTF?" link on the main "Template Launch Page" that comes up when you first open SuperNTF:

A picture named M2

A few details of the improvements from release notes:

- Added a readme text file to the zip download to facilitate getting started and offering feedback
- Fixed issues with the Log Notifications functionality which rendered it inoperative in earlier 0.9.7 releases.
- Introduced "8.5-compliant" version of the "Design Element Views". In particular the "DESIGN - Elements by Type" view has now been tested to show all design element types for Notes version 3.x through 8.5.
- Added Ytria promotion information (see sample demo documents and "About SuperNTF" page)
- Updated About SuperNTF Page.
- Added "send feedback" button to Template launch form that composes an email to feedback@superntf.org
- Several other minor usability fixes.

Download SuperNTF 0.9.7d here.


1 - I downloaded and got one up and running. Very cool. Easy to install and configure. I see a few features I like immediately like document history, custom help, dashboard and Admin (I need to explore more here).
Thanks Kevin.

2 - Dude, please include some documentation about the features...

3 - I know Patrick, and for what it's worth I have put a freeze on further features until I have time to get such documentation created. Emoticon

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