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Name Your Own Price Lotus Notes Developer Position (U.S. Citizen w/ TS Clearance Only)


I don't know anyone with a TS Poly clearance yadda yadda so I didn't pay much attention to a recruiter email from last week, but she wrote back today and had this to say:

Subject: Still on the hunt for Lotus Notes Developer w/ polygraph

Good evening. I emailed you last week, and I wanted to follow up as my customer has come to desperation to find a Lotus Notes Developer with a TS/SCI/Full Scope Polygraph for a permanent position in Reston, VA.

Do you have any suggestions of folks who might be interested? This developer can NAME THEIR PRICE!

I appreciate any help you can provide.

If you can help me help her, drop me a note.


1 - Funnily, anyone with a SECRET or above clearance can't discuss it in this venue so the story stops, pretty much, here. If someone with TS/SCI drops you a note, they're in violation of their iron-clad NDA with the USG. Catch-22! Your recruiter friend should NOT be sending these kind of messages. There are other channels for them to be looking...

2 - So Rob, are you saying that the mounds of TS/SCI job listings on Dice et. al. are in violation too? In any event I wasn't thinking anyone so blessed would put a comment on this blog, but rather send an email.

3 - Interesting question, is there any need of remote Lotus developers?
Or only onsite developers with some clearance/NDA are needed by companies?

4 - The whole "security clearance" thing is tired and I encourage my friends not to play the stupid game. Contractors in most federal agencies are put through the most ridiculous wringer to do even mundane tasks. We had to have background checks on anyone who would set foot in our building to do any work whatever, even a one-time, one-day basis! Nothing like wasting hundreds of dollars and hours of staff time to allow government to look up your ass for the dubious privilege of wasting a year trying to sell them something they won't buy.

In one particular case, where a vendor offered onsite setup and brain-dump of a DEMO install of search software, after being confronted by the asinine clearance process, the vendor eventually said scruit, here's the DVDs, good luck, we aren't gonna help you onsite because it's too big a PITA with no guarantee of anything. No surprise that the pilot failed and no one bought the product, not because it wasn't good but because government makes it too much of a pain in the ass for good people to do business with it.

The guy who refills the snack machine probably has a TS/SCI-full poly. And the soda machine guy has a license to kill.

5 - @ Nyet. Da.

6 - Hrm. Seems the plea could also read, "I need a Lotus Notes Developer that can drop a transmission on a Mercedes SLR McLaren Roadster AND perform emergency spinal cord injury surgery."

At least she or he can NAME THEIR PRICE.

7 - @1 Rob here's what the recruiter has told me about what a potential candidate with a clearance can do:

"Candidates can contact anyone as long as they do not divulge information regarding the mission or program they work on/for...That type of information does NOT need to be discussed with any recruiter. Basically, the passing of a resume to anyone does not violate any rules as long as the candidate has not put any classified material on the resume. "

So don't be shy my patriotic yellow friends!

8 - Hi Kevin,

I am working as a notes developer for 6 years. I work with one of the reputed company in India. Please let me know if there any opportunity.


9 - Hello currently i'm working for one of those job source website. pls let me know if theres any opportunity, thanks Kevin.

10 - Hi Kavin,
I have proven experience of Notes Development on both client and web. I have complete command on LotusScript, Lotus Agents, Design, Workflow Applications. I have developed many unique things in Notes. Please let me know if any opportunity is there!

11 - Hi Kavin,
<br />I have proven 10 years of experience of Lotus Notes Development on both client and web. I have complete command on LotusScript, Lotus Agents, Design, Workflow Applications. I have developed many unique things in Notes. Please let me know if any opportunity is there!

12 - Sorry to tell you. I am from Pakistan.

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