DCLUG Reminder - RSVP Yes (or No) on Meetup.com TODAY for Thursday Meeting



DCLUG MeetupWhether or not you can attend this week's DCLUG meeting, I strongly encourage you to RSVP anyway and join the DC Lotus Professionals Meetup group so you can easily stay informed about future local Lotus events. If you plan to attend, a reminder that you must RSVP by 3pm today so your name is "on the list" at IBM's security desk. Otherwise they won't let you in, and I will be sad.

I'll have more to say about Meetup.com in a future post, but in short it is probably the most useful site we in the Lotus community seem not to have discovered yet. Indeed I was quite shocked to be the *first* person to have registered the topics "Lotus Notes & Domino" and "Lotus Software" IN THE WORLD. If you are a LUG organizer it's a great tool for announcing events and tracking attendance, and building community. It's not free for group organizers but it's not expensive either ($12/month if you register for 6+ months). Great site, very user friendly. Go register and check it out.

A Reader Writes: How can I pull multiple email accounts into Notes?



From the mailbag:

Dear Kevin,

New Lotus Notes user here...I thought that maybe you saw my problem first or have some suggestion.

I would like to have several email databases, one account each, checking email. After understanding that Lotus Notes is not "an email client" in the sense of Outlook as everyone around me seemed to think, I joined the GTD-Eproductivity wave, and since I am very chaotic (which explains my stress, which explains in turn the GTD thing for me) I would like to check email and manage all from one instance.

Problem: for the new mail to appear into each inbox, I must change the location. I installed the Vista widget the check gmail and more or less saved the stuff, but, really, there must be a way of checking different accounts on lotus notes at the same time.

This is the closest thing I have found,


Do you have any ideas? I am up the creek without the paddle.

So you have several email addresses and you'd like to funnel them all into a single Lotus Notes mailbox, without the hassle of switching locations, ids, etc. As with Gmail or Yahoo Mail you probably also would like to have responses to one of those accounts appear to come from that account (as opposed to the parent account). Something like this idea on IdeaJam.

In a corporate setting, you might need to access other "shared" or "team" mail boxes, in which case I highly recommend the DominoTeamMailbox template on OpenNTF. But for purely personal accounts, is there in fact a decent solution out there?

We're Back Baby! DCLUG Gets LinkedIn and Will Meet Sept 23rd



DCLUGThe Washington DC Lotus User Group (aka DCLUG, aka DCNUG) is back from its long hiatus with two big announcements this week. First off we have gone social by establishing the new DC Lotus Professionals LinkedIn Group. We encourage any Lotus professional in the region to join the group and encourage your friends (especially those not as tuned into the blogs and PlanetLotus as you obviously are) to do the same. And when I say "region" I include our friends in all of Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Delaware.

We are also holding our next meeting on Sept 23rd 3-5PM at the IBM offices in downtown Washington. Note: RSVP is mandatory at least 2 days in advance. Here are the details:

David Allen's “ Getting Things Done ” is a classic in personal productivity. David Allen uses Lotus Notes, and Eric Mack has taken GTD further into Lotus Notes with his eProductivity tool. This month we'll be showing a quick demonstration. We are hoping to have Eric join our user group in November for a detailed, and comprehensive analysis.

News to review: Traveler 8.5.2, Quickr 8.5, Sametime 8.5.2, Project Vulcan, Project Northstar. Mindplan in the Notes Client:
- Award winning mindmapping tool which comes as a commercial, corporate product, and a free, personal-use edition.
- Tungle.me with Lotus Notes  (and everyone else)
- Domino and Lotus Notes 8.5.2 is released. What's new and improved, by those who have put it to use.
- Raffle for a free “IBM Lotus Connections 2.5” book from IBM Press. This is a 5 star rated text on planning and implementing Lotus Connections.

IBM Briefing Center, 1301 K Street, NW • 4th Floor, West Tower • Washington. DC 20005 (202)-218-3940
Please be aware that due to new security provisions at the IBM Briefing Center, we must receive a COMPLETE list of attendees and their company with at most 2 days prior to the meeting date. The list will be provided to building security. If someone shows up for the meeting that is not on the list, they will be denied access to the meeting.

All are invited but it is important that we have an idea of the number of attendees for planning purposes so please RSVP here

NOTE: If you have any specific things you would like to discuss please note them in the RSVP comments. If you have any questions, please a post a discussion topic on the LinkedIn group or email me directly (see contact link on the right side of this page).

Thank you Jack! Thank you IBM!

A huge thanks to Jack Dausman for working out the hosting arrangements with IBM, and to IBM for hosting!

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