Mark Roden to Headline DCLUG Meeting March 20th, 2013



DCLUG MeetupI can't think of a better reason to break blog silence than to announce the opening of a new chapter for DCLUG. In case you've been living under a rock for the last year (or like in my case had a new baby), you might have missed the many great articles that our adopted son Mark has been writing over on his blog. Well, Mark is also fresh off his debut at Lotusphere, er, IBMConnect this past January, where he covered the topic of JQuery in XPages, and he is going to bring some of that experience to Washington DC later this month. And I should mention that Mark is actually local to DC (don't let the British accent fool you) and is working to organize more DCLUG events in the months ahead. If there is a topic you want covered, let him know!

For all details check out his blog post here.

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