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Uncle Sam Wants Notes Developers!

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Being a Lotus Notes Developer living in Washington, DC means that I get my share of calls from recruiters looking for Lotus Notes developers with security clearances to work on whatever it is those of us with a security clearance work on. For various reasons I myself do not know what that is, but it must be cool if Lotus Notes is being used to help protect my country.

So, here's the deal. If you have a top secret clearance and know Lotus Notes development, Uncle Sam wants YOU! If you're looking for new ways to use your talent to help your country and earn a six-figure income doing it, I know who to contact. In light of how hard it is for recruiters to find folks like you, I have agreed in this particular case to post this announcement here. In the interest of partial disclosure (this is not, after all, a "full disclosure" kind of post), I will earn a referral commission if any of you actually get hired through my recruiter friend.

If (and only if) you have a TS clearance, AND are at least moderately experienced in Notes development, AND are interested in learning more about this particular opportunity, send me an email and I'll hook you up.


1 - @7 - Good point Ed! LOL. I think if they require that level of clearance (there may be a few developers out there, or) they may have to hire some "all around" developers with that level of clearance and train them for the Lotus requirement.

2 - Not only Top Secret, but with Lifestyle-Polygraph. Not that many of us out there with that level of clearance. Of course, if you can get the clearance, you can ask for almost anything you want.

3 - Gerry that's a good point. I actually think there may be some new openness to the general idea of casting a wider net. Either by finding cleared folks with Notes development aptitude or Notes folks already partially cleared.

Let me know if you have ideas on that.

4 - @4 Basically, you need to have a job with a company that is willing to put you through the process of getting your clearance. It takes any where between 6 - 9 months to get a Secret clearance, even longer for the Lifestyle-Poly clearance.

5 - Ah, I think I know why they need a "top secret" Notes person. They need to make sure that there is no trace of those missing e-mails from the pre-Outlook days.
Sorry to say that I don't know anyone with the necessary clearance. After all, these ARE people who go to Lotusphere Emoticon

6 - I think if they would allow secret clearance they would get more 'bites'. Then the job could be contingent on the ability to obtain "Top Secret". Seems like that position has been floating around for close to a month that I have seen.

Good luck on your referral commission!Emoticon

7 - @4 - Esther, all I can say is its a huge PITA, and you don't just download a form and fill it out. Other than that, someone else can maybe shed more light on the process.

8 - How exactly does one go about getting a top-secret (or secret) clearance? I've seen several job listings recently that require government clearance.

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