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SuperNTF Sighted in the Wild

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Well, my SuperNTF Notes client application framework has finally made its debut on OpenNTF.  Thanks very much to Bruce for vowe.dotting the release announcement.  He says it as well as I ever could:

Kevin Pettitt has released a beta version of his "SuperNTF" template on OpenNTF. SuperNTF is a Lotus Notes Client application framework built from the ground up with the goal of making development best practice easy for both novice and experienced Lotus Notes developers. The template allows developers to easily take advantage of tricky Notes features such as soft deletions, integrated help, and document locking, as well as advanced customizations like user activity and field change tracking, configuration, error logging, and exporting.

Several other OpenNTF projects and Code Bin submissions were used in the construction of SuperNTF, making this project a true "child of OpenNTF". Some of the code was also taken from or inspired by some of the databases and templates that ship with Notes, including DDM (Domino Domain Monitoring), Notes Help, and Mail. Many other features were drawn from or inspired by members of the Domino Community, including the many bloggers who have participated in the "Show-n-Tell Thursday" phenomenon.

I have worked closely with Kevin on this project and I am happy to see the beta release out in the wild. Kevin, Vince and I demonstrated SuperNTF at ILUG 2007 and it was well received in the two OpenNTF sessions we gave.

For a quick visual preview of what the SuperNTF demo database actually looks like, you can watch this little screen capture movie I made.

I can't stress enough how much this template is the product of a community effort.  A lot of your great ideas have been incorporated in the design.  As you can see, quite a few familiar names have made contributions of some kind (even if they don't know it ):

A picture named M2

Thanks everyone.  Keep those great ideas coming, and let me know what you think of our baby.


1 - Thanks to Kevin and all that people to share SuperNTF. We will learn so much.

I have announced too the premiere of the release at mi blog ({ Link }

I'm really excited with the next thinks yo come... Great Job!

Josep Alemany


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