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Coming Soon: SuperNTF Release 0.9.5


SuperNTF_NotesIcon.gifAs I mentioned yesterday in my SnTT post about custom colors, a new beta release of SuperNTF (v0.9.5) is coming out very soon.  I had hoped to have it out last night but decided to polish off a few other features and squash a bunch of bugs first.  My target is now this evening, but don't shoot me if it takes until the weekend.

Other than the custom color setting tool and a general tightening-up of the code, a few other enhancements to look forward to include:

  • An alternate "Dashboard" UI inspired by Chris Blatnick's work over at InterfaceMatters.com.  You will be able to change the DB Config so that the default launch page is either the Dashboard Frameset or the Standard Nav/View Frameset.  You can even configure the content of the four "tabs" that make up part of the dashboard interface.  It's not fully baked in the sense that I have some additional functionality yet to go in, but if all your tabs display views (as opposed to forms, pages, or entire framesets), that part works.

A picture named M2

A picture named M3

  • Nearly All the core SuperNTF image resources (i.e. those used for outline entries, action buttons, etc.) have adopted the standard "SNTF_" naming convention, and the pixel sizes have been standardized in more places.  It may not have been obvious but one of the problems with including images in outline entries is that images with different dimensions can really throw off the alignment between entries, which is very ugly when using OS-style expandable outlines.  There are a few images left on the cleanup list (mostly actions), but the most visible ones are done.  If you haven't checked these out already, I have created a ton of mouseover-friendly icons that can add cool effects to both action buttons and outline entries.  My favorite is the trash can .


  • I've added a view called (DesignElementsbyType) which is used in several places to generate lists of different design elements for selection on some of the configuration forms.  Many of you are probably familiar with the approach of using LotusScript to generate, say, a list of all views in the database, and then populate the choices in a keyword field with those values.  This view makes it possible to do a simple @DbLookup to get these values.  The trick is one that has been around for years and involves a simple hack of the $FormulaClass attribute of a view.  There is more to it of course, but I'll save the rest for my next SnTT post.  However, there is nothing stopping you from using this view in your other applications right away if you like.
  • Fixed a minor bug in the Soft Deletions handling whereby a document currently showing in a preview pane would generate a UIDocument error when a user attempted to delete it.  This was particularly important given the new dashboard interface, which makes heavy use of a preview pane.

Another exciting feature to look forward to beyond the 0.9.5 release is web-enablement via the emerging "ext.ND" javascript framework that is being put together by Jack Ratcliff, Jake Howlett, and several others.  Thanks to Matt White and Stephan Wissel for assistance on that front.

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