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SuperNTF 0.9.5 Released!

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It took a little longer than planned, but only because I had so much energy this week that I just kept making more additions and improvements.  But now I'm exhausted, so I'll let you read more about the cool new stuff that awaits on the SuperNTF 0.9.5 Release Page.  There is also a good "Quick Start" guide included in the actual database, so there should be less "fumbling around" with this release.

There are at least half a dozen future Show-n-Tell Thursday posts that will eventually spin out of all this work, but you don't have to wait to get the sample code .  My next big push is to create an application that combines SuperNTF with the Qenos Workflow Framework (which by the way also came out with a new release today).  My goal will be to make SuperNTF "Qenos Ready", such that simply pushing the Qenos design elements into a SuperNTF-based database will make the configuration elements immediately available from the various outline entries, logging interfaces, etc.  Since there are probably some areas of overlap, it will be interesting to say the least .

Please, please, don't hesitate to offer feedback - good, bad, ugly - it all goes to make the template better.  In the meantime, enjoy!  


1 - @3 Pur you don't know how pleased I am to hear about your experience. You are my target audience, so anytime my aim is confirmed its a real thrill! Emoticon

2 - Just a short one - love the export to excel script - saved me a day of work - and - wow - that's the first time something simply worked! Special for someone like me who had no training in Development and trying to get the databases up und running by try and error ;) - so - THX a lot!!

3 - Thanks Bruce. I'm putting more pressure on myself than anyone else is. I need to write up a list of "what's not done but on the drawing board/wish list" and solicit code donations Emoticon. In other words, it's not enough to just borrow and steal - you need to beg as well Emoticon.

4 - Congrats on this release my friend! It shouldn't be long before you put together v1.0. No pressure, no pressure Emoticon

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