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SuperNTF Logo Competition


Update 2 - August 2, 2007 : I think we've hit on a winner here with Simon Scullion's latest effort!  

Simon's First Ready for Prime Time logo

While ideas for improvement will always be welcome, I would consider this the first "production ready" logo that has been produced so far, and I'm already thinking up variations that would capitalize on it.  For example something related to the Domino Designer icon (with a triangle and everything) but with the same underlying SuperNTF baseline.  

This post from Jake Howlett might give folks some interesting ideas along this line, including how to overlay icons.  Be sure to follow all the links in the post, especially the last one which contains over a dozen examples.

I know it's been mentioned that it would be nice to produce a similar icon that can be used as the database icon, and I agree it would be nice.  However because  SuperNTF is not a stand-alone application but rather a framework for other applications, I would consider that sort of thing mostly a bonus rather than a necessity.  That said if Simon or anyone else can pull it off that would be sweet!

Michel van der Meiren of Domino 2.0 fame has taken a stab already at this, and it's not all that bad considering the limitations imposed by Notes itself. I'm not sure it's even possible to improve on this but you're all welcome to try :


Going the other direction I'm also wondering if it's possible to produce a variant of this that's larger, and perhaps even a watermark variant similar to the one that appears on the splash page for the Domino Administrator client (which I've actually included in SuperNTF and called "SNTF_AdminBackground.jpg").

I really do appreciate all the effort that Simon, Michel and everybody else is putting into building up SuperNTF.  It is extremely gratifying to see my work generate the kind of excitement that it has.

Thank you!

Update 1 - July 27, 2007: Simon Scullion has produced what I would consider the leading contender up to this point for a basic SuperNTF logo, although as I detail in the comments below there are some changes that I'd like to see before it becomes fully usable. here's my favorite Simon logo:

Simons SuperNTF logo version 1

Original Post - July 26, 2007: It seems that in this day and age every great endeavor deserves its own logo.  Organizations, products, people, and of course software projects all seem to have their own special graphical brand. Not wanting to be left out of this phenomenon, I have given a good deal of thought to what a SuperNTF logo should look like. I'm not the only one.  

LogoSuperNTF.jpgA few weeks ago I got an e-mail out of the blue from Josep Alemany who without any prodding created this simple mash-up logo superimposing the Superman shield on top of the Lotus Notes logo, blending the two together.  I then shared some of my thoughts with Josep and even sent him a few crude mockups to illustrate those ideas.

superntf.gifA few weeks later he came back with something a good bit more refined than anything I was able to produce.

Meanwhile I had shared some of the same thoughts with Nathan Freeman, who in between flashes of brilliance in the coding realm, managed to come up with something rather compelling as well:

A picture named M2

Can you guess which movie Nathan got the original image from?


1 - @Kevin, just seen your latest update.

Yes I was aware of Jake’s icons, there are some good ideas there. What themes are you looking for as variations?

I gave a db icon a quick go, but it didn’t turn out to well at the first attempt! Emoticon Michel's effort is probably about as good as we'll get, due to the limitations of Notes as you mentioned.

Larger and watermark versions are easy, what sort of sizes are you after?

The icons are the easy bit, it all of us that appreciate the real work that YOU have put into this!

2 - the days of release 5 'Superhuman software' are back again?

personally I think that was a crappy marketing approach because most of Notes users are just ordinary office people

3 - Simon,

These all look great and I’m flattered that you took the time to put them together. I agree that the last one is probably the closest to a suitable Notes 8-esque SuperNTF logo but I have a few ideas to get it to final usability.

First I have a concern about leaving the Superman S in the logo. I think it probably opens up too many trademark infringement issues. If there was a way to leave the outer border of the shield in place but replace the contents with the familiar notes three-person icon, that might strengthen the notes branding while dealing with any trademark issues at the same time.

I should mention that I’m after more than one logo. I do want a basic iconic logo such as you have created here. but I also want a larger “banner-type” logo along the lines of what Nathan has produced. Again because of trademark issues, I like that Nathan has used source material which hides the actor’s face. People look at that and know that there is a Superman connection, but the association with Superman does not overwhelm the primary branding. By the way that’s Christopher Reeve from Superman 3.

I’m pretty open to ideas for the SuperNTF banner logo. It could be based on a photograph or a cartoon drawing, it doesn’t matter as long as it “looks good”. I am partial to 3-D looking images of the sort that are fairly popular these days. And for reasons mentioned above I think keeping Superman’s face out of the logo is probably a good idea (unless of course we could replace the face with Ed Brill’s Emoticon).

Fun Fun Fun!

4 - Love Simon's logo. One problem though: how on earth do you then translate that into a 16 colour graphic for the database icon? Emoticon

Oh how I wish IBM would sort that out...

5 - @5 - Simon, looking at the page here { Link } I think a variation of your existing logo which contains a protractor and another that uses the wrench would be great.

I haven't looked that there may already be Notes 8 icons for both Domino administrator in Domino designer, and perhaps we could use those to guide what sort of variations to make on the SuperNTF logo.

We can discuss off-line questions about size and watermarks etc.

6 - Awesome!

Unfortunately, this is like a red rag to a bull for me, so now you'll have to go look at my ideas posted here: { Link }


7 - Thanks Ben, good point, and a tough one!

Weren't we supposed to be able to use image resources as the db icon in Notes 8? If only! Emoticon

I have reworked the logo taking onboard Kevin's comments here { Link }

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