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NSFTools.com - Programmatically Recompile All LotusScript

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Last week I wrote a piece called OpenNTF Project Release Checklist which served as a starting point for a discussion about best practices in releasing new versions of Notes and Domino applications.  Among the steps I included was one to recompile all the LotusScript in the database.  Normally this would have to be done manually by selecting the command from the tools menu in Domino Designer, and considering that most of the steps in my checklists are manual in nature, this is no big deal.

But wouldn't it be cool if you could write an agent that would perform many of those steps automatically? I certainly think so and I suspect most of you would probably agree, so I was very pleased to see Julian Robichaux's latest Show-n-Tell Thursday entry which includes code that will recompile LotusScript programmatically.

While this obviously gets us one step closer to automating some of my checklist items, I could also see it being very useful as part of an agent to push SuperNTF code elements into a target database and then initiate a recompile automatically. My other favorite OpenNTF project, the Qenos Workflow Framework, already uses this sort of element pushing deployment approach, along with a number of written instructions on when it's appropriate to recompile LotusScript. I suspect Chef Mark will be just as interested in using this code to make those instructions obsolete as I am .

Julian, it's been at least a couple weeks since I last told you this, but you rock!


1 - I'm not generally one to throw products out like this, but I figured I had better say something..... Teamstudio has a product that does this already called Build Manager. It can automate most any build process you can think up... including Compiling LotusScript, Signing the database, and even more fun, integration with Teamstudio Analyzer so you can run some filters that check for all the little things that are easy to miss like leaving 'Prohibit design refresh' turned on.

2 - Yup I could definitely use this Kev. The thing Mr 1 & Mr 2 need to remember is that we're building open-source solutions here. Implicit in the offering is that the solution is entirely free - not dependant on a commercial adjuct such as TeamStudio. Credit where it's due, TeamStudio is fantastic - can't live without it. However in the NTF kitchen, proprietary ingredients are just not in the pantry!

3 - Ah, comments are functioning again. Thanks for all the kind words -- especially the "you rock"! That will be great if you include it with your template.

And Craig is absolutely correct to point toward Teamstudio Build Manager. That's a fantastic tool that can do about 100 more things than this little scrap of code can. Teamstudio tools are a must-have in a big Domino environment.

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