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CoComment Now Disabled on Lotus Guru

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Apologies if you've tried to comment in the last 24 hours and found that you couldn't. There appears to be some general malfunction with CoComment that has affected all blogs where it is enabled, and until they get that fixed I have disabled it completely on this blog.

Please try again if you have been affected by these problems.


1 - That's a nice comment you got there from the coComment people. I wonder when mine is coming? Maybe they are scanning the net for anyone mentioning the problem they are having with the integration, and trying to cover their bases.

Hope they can get it working right soon, since I just recently got around to putting it in.

2 - Phil, I'd be willing to bet that Kristina is simply monitoring Technorati for any posts that are tagged "CoComment", and then simply dropping some standard boilerplate comment text as can be seen here. Assuming your blog is set up to ping Technorati or some other similar site, you might give it a try and prove my point Emoticon.

3 - Kevin: Our apology for experiencing some trouble with coComment. In the process of merging to the new version, V2 Beta, we experienced some unexpected bugs. Though we did as much testing as possible, some bugs were impossible to detect in the private beta test. We're working very hard on fixing the issues. In the meantime, please let us know if you come across anything else and we will try fixing it as soon as we can (feel free to e-mail us at info@cocomment.com). Thanks! coComment Team

4 - Kevin, I think you're probably right. I'd noticed a few glitches during the "upgrade" too. Still getting used to the changes they've made, but as a new cocomment user, I'm not sure its all for the better Emoticon

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