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Installing Notes 8 Gold on Ubuntu 7.0.4


ubuntulogo.gifAs has been mentioned in the comments of this thread over on vowe.net, you can run Notes 8 on an Ubuntu Linux Desktop.  I just completed the Notes 8 installation atop a fresh install of Ubuntu 7.0.4 (Feisty Fawn), and hit one little snag stemming from the way Ubuntu handles "administrator" or "root" access.  Being new to Ubuntu this exact approach wasn't immediately apparent, but after a little poking around the Notes 8 Forum and little trial and error, here are the steps to success:
  1. Download Package from IBM and Extract it to your "home" directory
  2. Open a terminal window by selecting "Applications - Accessories - Terminal".  You do this because simply double-clicking on the setup.sh file will open the installer, but you will have to close it on the second screen because you lack "administrator" rights.
  3. To overcome this, type the following in the terminal window: sudo ./setup.sh
  4. Proceed with the installation wizard normally.  Note that if you're using a 7-year-old Pentium III 733Mhz PC the installer window may take a minute or two to appear without warning .

Update: In my rush to capture the lessons for *installing* it, I suppose I should have tried to actually *launch* Notes 8 before publishing this.  

A picture named M2

Turns out, there are two additional steps required before that will work:
  1. To even *see* "Lotus Notes 8" in the menu shown above, you'll need to either logout and back in or restart altogether.
  2. For anything to actually happen when you try to launch, you'll need to change the "ownership" of the new "lotus" directory found inside your home directory.  To do this, issue the following command from the Terminal: sudo chown -R jsmith /home/jsmith/lotus/  (be sure to substitute "jsmith" for your actual username - sorry, but it has to be said )
Thanks to the folks in the Notes 8 Forum for pointing me in the right direction.


1 - I have never known a Notes version to require a "license" in the typical sense, but this doesn't sound like a Linux question per se. I'd post the question on the Notes 8 forum and I'm sure you'll get a quick answer.

2 - Take a look here .....

{ Link }

3 - Interesting logo that Ubuntu. Smells of the 'collaboration' theme of Notes R5. Are we that far ahead? :]

4 - Thank you for these tips they were a great help.

@2 you have to do a sudo chmod on /etc/lotus/ also and that fixes the pernames.ntf problem. I also get that license error, but it seems to go away.

It sure is nice running Notes under Linux - I have it running under innotek VirtualBox (Ubunutu) and it's FASTER than running Notes 8 on the Vista host - go figure..

5 - The instructions above got me well down the road, but I also had to change the owner and group permissions for the /opt/ibm folder and its contents. Now I have two obstacles: a) before the configuration wizard appears, I'm notified that there's no license for Lotus Notes and that it's under a 60-evaluation; and b) during configuration, I receive an error indicating that permissions are preventing pernames.ntf from being written or created. Any clues, anyone?

6 - I want to reinstall notes 8, but I get the message that it wants start in upgrade mode... There is no data anymore. What can be the issue here.

How can I reinstall ??

Please help

7 - Thanks for the tips...

Wow... they really junk up the home folder don't they. >:( Boooo!

8 -

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