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Caliton Notes Development Tools - On My "Try Out" List


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Just stumbled on the Caliton website today having never heard of Caliton before (not sure how that happened, but oh well).  Looks like some overlap with Ytria and Teamstudio, plus some great sounding new features as well, such as:

LotusScript diagrams - see the relationships in your LotusScript code.

Caliton ClearView for Lotus Notes and Domino - LotusScript Diagram

Haven't done anything more than peruse the site so far, but I'm sure I'll want to play around with these tools soon.  Does anyone else have any experience with them?


1 - I've been using docInfo for a while now, thats a good tool. Haven't looked at the rest of their tooling though

2 - @Dennis - thanks for the feedback

@Stephan - I'll let YOU bring that idea up with my wife - she won't mind Emoticon.

3 - When you come over plan a trip to Australia... then you can meet them in person. Skilled and pleasant folks they are.
Emoticon stw

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