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New Blog on Migrating Notes to Sharepoint


Notes to SharepointMy recent post asking for help elaborating on "Why is Domino Good at Workflow?" apparently caught the attention of another blogger who has taken on the task of reporting on his/her(?) experiences migrating Notes applications to Sharepoint.  I say "his/her" because our Notes Migration blogger seems to prefer a certain level of anonymity, although has provided us some background details:

I would like to maintain a professional distance between my day job and this blog, which is entirely personal. To avoid any potential conflict, I’m going to avoid any identifying details. It is not a deep, dark secret or anything. If you are really curious, email me and ask.
But I will share these general details:
  • Highly experienced Notes/Domino professional.
  • Highly experienced Web Development professional.
  • Somewhat experienced technical manager.
  • Somewhat experienced .NET programmer.
  • Just starting on Sharepoint, and pulling all MS technologies together.

S/he also makes it clear that honesty and balance are primary goals, which I see no reason to question.

From what I can tell, this looks like it will be a great resource for anyone seeking real-world experiences of migrating Notes to Sharepoint, and could just as easily help convince people NOT to pursue such an endeavor as encourage them to do so.  Definitely one to keep an eye on.


1 - Yes, well... you'll notice I haven't pointed out many actual successes in the migration yet. :)

2 - His. For what it is worth.

Thanks for the post... I'll try to get some more content out there this week and live up to the expectations. :)

3 - Interesting point of view. I couldn't avoid noticing that this post { Link } shows what Agents are capable of and how difficult would be to replace them using Sharepoint.

That is, running scripts at OS level, adding .NET features, and so.

4 - No one can believe this: If he/she has "high experience in notes/domino professional" will never change to sharepoint... :)

We can do a Blog on Migrating SharePoint to Notes, don't you think so?

5 - Emoticon Emoticon Emoticon

6 - We're a happy client of Visionet Systems for Lotus Notes to Sharepoint Migration. We have been with them for last 2 years and quality of service, support, everything is excellent. We personally will recommend this company.

7 - Thanks for the post

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