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Templates, Templates, Everywhere - Come See Me at Lotusphere!



Well, Bruce has already spilled the beans about our joint session at Lotusphere:
Templates, Templates, Everywhere – If You Know Where to Look
Lotusphere 2008: Breakout Session
Session Track(s) Track Four: Best Practices
Session Abstract If you think the only application templates available for Notes are the ones that are bundled with it (and even if you already know better) it’s time you learned more about the many excellent free and open source Notes and Domino templates and where they come from. Join Kevin and Bruce for a fast-paced look at some of the best templates from OpenNTF.org, trade publications, bloggers, and other little known sources. While it’s easy to build your own applications in Notes, it’s even easier, and usually more rewarding, to build on top of someone else’s. Whether you’re a developer, admin, or both, you’ll come away from this session ready to put these templates into action to become more productive, make your job easier, and impress your boss.

The content for this session will be similar to the OpenNTF Blast presentation I gave earlier this year at ILUG. This session is even more relevant now with the renewed interest by IBM and in particular Rocky Oliver and Bob Balaban in updating the application templates that ship with Notes. It’s all about showing Domino customers that Notes isn’t just email - it is also a powerful application platform. While IBM’s templates are key to demonstrating this potential, the free/open source offerings available on OpenNTF and elsewhere have become an increasingly valuable supplement to the Notes/Domino developers toolbox.

OpenNTF in particular has in the past year seen a dramatic uptick in the quality and variety of offerings as it has attracted more attention from talented developers looking to take advantage of the open source model.  Whether as a distribution channel or simply for exposure, the appeal of open source has grown noticably, and not just in the Domino arena. Indeed a tipping point in this direction appears already to have been reached, with more and better applications appearing on the site regularly, attracting yet more talent and more new applications.



Maybe before people start shouting HOW GREAT OpenNTF is, let those people of OpenNTF have a review on their website. It really performs slow, uses old techniques and gives errors on some browsers. Not really something Web 2.0 that represents the quality you can achieve with Lotus Domino.

OpenNTF looks, feels and reacts like a dinosaur! Emoticon

2 - Hej! I LOVE the content/projects on OpenNTF, the site itself has my doubts...

How to volunteer? Emoticon

KR// Patrick

3 - Thanks Patrick,

Talk to you soon

4 - Awesome, Kevin!
Looking forward to this one. We need to compete with so many other platforms now. With good templates, we can create useful, efficient applications that are quick to build.

5 - Patrick,

Sorry you feel that way about OpenNTF. Why not volunteer to help make the site better? And also remember that the site is a free service for the Lotus Community.

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