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A Treasure of Cool Lotus Icons and Graphics


Lotus Icon Treasure ChestUpdate: As Patrick Kwinten noted in the comments, the headline above can leave one expecting this post to be about more than *logo* icons. It just so happens that SuperNTF is packed full of action and outline icons (consistently sized even!). There should be a new release out in the next week or so but the current one is still pretty well stocked...

I recently combed the net to find as many examples of customized Notes 8 icons and other new and cool Lotus branded icons and graphics, and thought I'de share my findings here:

  • Nathan Freeman's incredibly funny and in several cases boringly useful icon set can be found here.
  • Alan Lepofsky posted a nice set of Notes, Sametime, Quickr, and Connections icons here.
  • Chris Reckling of the Inside Lotus blog posted icons for Notes, Domino Designer, Domino Administrator, Domino Server, Debugger, and Notes Minder (which has a nice envelope icon that I used as a "Notes Mail" icon).
  • Ed Brill put several nice graphics on Flickr, including a clean example of the yellow swoosh background, which can be found here.  I also found a slightly different but easily reusable version of the swoosh here.

This isn't quite as comprehensive as I'd like, as I have not been able to find high-quality (i.e. 256x256 png images) examples of icons for Lotus Symphony, Domino Express Server, and probably several others.  If you have these in your possession please feel free to post on Flickr, or send them to me and I'll do so, and I will update the above list accordingly. And of course please let me know of any other obscure sources for similar graphics.


1 - Hey Kevin,
I just downloaded SuperNTF and took a quick tour. It just so happens that I'm looking at putting a new UI on an old application and this is very useful. I'm debating on how much to do before going to Lotusphere else I see something else to help in this project. You mention in the description a way to help with document locking. I'm having an issue with locking and unlocking that I'm having difficulty figuring out. I've posted one way users can leave a doc locked on my blog but would be interested if you've seen other ways users can edit/close a doc and still leave it locked. My app is on one server with no replication.
Looking forward to seeing you at Lotusphere!

2 - Emoticon Ha! Patrick, ask and ye shall receive. It just so happens that SuperNTF is packed full of action and outline icons (consistently sized even!). There should be a new release out in the next week or so but the current one is still pretty well stocked: { Link }

3 - hmmm, i need icons that i can use in my action buttons, database icons, outline entries. stuff that is actually useful... Emoticon

4 - Hi,

I created an action bar icon library that can be useful. See { Link }


5 - I would like to run the following batch file a page:

@echo Off
Start explorer ftp:/user:pass@ftpsite.com/directory

6 - @4 - Martin, that looks awesome. Thanks for letting us know!

7 - Hello,

I have an issue sending "Notes" users email from Outlook. Our logo replicates all over the background in Notes. All Outlook users get only one logo at the bottom, as was intended. I have asked the Notes administrators to work with me on resolving the issue. NOT!??? I need to know why Notes can not translate the tags like Outlook does. I can send someone an email from my Outlook if they wish to see.


zollysimon at rogers dot com

8 - I'm new to Lotus 8.5: How do you change the default 'Globe'icon in the email header to something else? A buddy of mine at work has a retro rocket ship icon. I've been looking around for a way to change it to something esle without asking him directly.


9 - I am using webe client or iNotes. Can you help me to launch iNotes when I try to attach a file by right clicking the file and selecting Mail to Recipient

26 - How can I change the blue twistie icons in Domino 9?

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