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Lotus Guru Now Running Happily on Prominic


Prominic LogoBy way of testing to see if I've fixed the problem with url hotspots in my blog entries, I'd like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to Jon and the folks over at Prominic.net.  They have been tremendously helpful (if boringly reliable!) in getting not only this blog, but also a mail server with several domains, up and running flawlessly.

I highly recommend Prominic if you're looking for any kind of Domino hosting, be it a bit of shared server space for your blog or a dedicated server infrastructure for your most demanding requirements.

Thanks guys!


1 - Kevin,

What issues were you having with the urls on your site? I'm having issues and admittedly have no idea what the issue is... I haven't worked on the problem in a while either, but I'm curious to see if you were having the same problem, and if so, how to fix it.


2 - Jaime, the problem was that Notes 8 now by default saves urls in richtext fields as hotspots, which was causing Blogsphere's [[link html]] syntax to break.

The "hotfix", which is already incorporated into the Blogsphere codestream (though not the current release), is to add a text field called $DontAutoProcessURL to both the "CONTENT - Blog Entry" and "SYSTEM - MIME Convert" forms, with a value of "1".

Declan and I have done cursory testing and it seems to solve the problem, but the standard disclaimers apply: Backup your database before deploying this code, and certainly before running any housekeeping agents from the Notes 8 client.

All feedback on whether this works, any side-effects, etc., will be greatly appreciated.

3 - Kevin,

Thanks for the tip, I think that could very well be the issue I'm having. I appreciate you're willingness to post that fix here, I don't use the BlogSphere template for my site but it sounds like I'm running into the issue on the Notes side of things.

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