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Places I've Been


Stephan Wissel pointed out the World66 site where you can generate a world map of all the countries you've visited.  For me the resulting map is interesting for how FEW countries I've actually been too.  Perhaps because of the all the travel and nature shows I've seen on TV I feel like I've been to way more.  Obviously I have some work travel to do .

create your own visited country map
 or check our Venice travel guide


1 - I can see you're missing one small country in Southern Europe.
Let me know when you decide to take care of that Emoticon

2 - Vitor, that's so funny you should comment. I too noticed a sizable white patch in the shape of Portugal, and immediately thought of you Emoticon. Some day. Some day.

3 - I must update my map. A few new countries have been visited since my last update.

4 - What would be really cool is a *weighted* map, where you could plug in the amount of time you've spent in each country (excluding your home country or giving it a special color). The more time the darker the color.

5 - We occasionally amuse ourselves in our family with this little exercise.

The rule we have is:
You can only claim a country as visited if you have stayed at least one night there.
So a short 5-hour stopover while changing flights in Dubai doesn't count.

Having travelled quite a bit both in my work and for fun I actually came up to 48 countries! Even more than I thought myself.

See you at ILUG!

6 - Hi Ken, very impressive. Unfortunately for me, based on your overnight standard, I would have to drop Belgium. Then again, at this resolution I don't know if the map would look any different - no offense to my Belgian friends Emoticon.

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