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Presenting SuperNTF (and more) at the VIEW Lotus Developer2008 Conference


Developer2008Logo254x86.jpgA couple days ago I mentioned that one of the things that had been keeping me up all night busy recently was the effort to put together session slides.  Turns out, the folks at the VIEW have seen fit to invite me to present three sessions at the upcoming Lotus Developer2008 conference in Boston.  This is the first time I will attend a VIEW conference (let alone present), and I am both honored and excited at the prospect. The conference (and its companion Admin2008) are happening from April 30th-May 2nd, and if you haven't already booked there is probably still time to do so.  Considering the speaker lineup (other than moi that is), this promises to be a pretty information packed three days.

Here are the three sessions I'll be presenting:

Best Practices for Designing Top-Notch Notes Client User Interfaces
Grasp the importance of good UI design in building dynamic, user-friendly applications, and pick up essential design techniques to create more powerful and more dynamic UIs in the Notes client. Learn how to leverage the advanced features in Domino Designer and get a detailed code walk-through so you can immediately begin implementing these design concepts. Take a deep dive into layers, embedded form and editor combos, and on-the-fly report generation. Explore best practices for exploiting common design elements like combining embedded views, using outlines and folders to create drag-and-drop document processing functionality, and a lot more. You walk away with a sample database containing all of the examples used in this session to take home and use as your own.

Templates, Templates Everywhere — If You Know Where to Look
Templates are everywhere. Notes ships with them, and you can find lots more at Lotus Sandbox, OpenNTF, and other blog sites. This session gives you a fast-paced look at some of the best templates drawn from a variety of different sources, including administrative and development tools, advanced business applications, and generic application frameworks. Cut down your development time by building on the good work of someone else. Whether you’re a developer, admin, or both, you’ll come away from this session ready to put these templates into action to help make you more productive, make your job easier, and impress your clients.

SuperNTF — An Easy Way to Create Great Databases
Come check out SuperNTF, the open-source Notes application framework built from the ground up to make implementation of development best practices easy, even for novices. See how the capabilities and simplicity of this template encourage wide adoption, enabling you to promote coding standards across your organization. Avoid common pitfalls when employing tricky Notes features such as soft deletions, integrated help, and error handling. Learn about the template’s advanced features for user–activity and field–change tracking, configuration, and data reporting/exporting. This session provides an in-depth look at SuperNTF to see how it can help inject new life into existing apps and/or provide a strong foundation for new apps.

If you see me there please come up and say "Hi!"


1 - Congratulations!

2 - Hej Kevin,


Meaning: I just came back from a View conference in Danmark where the SuperNTF db was not a topic.

One question I have regarding the SuperNTF template. I have taken a look on it but what's really in it that I can use?

I assume a lot, but this also directly makes it unclear when opening the DB in Designer.

Is there a descriptive document on all the elements in the DB on how to use them?

Thanks in advance.

// Patrick

3 - Hi Patrick! Sorry I wasn't in the lineup for Denmark, but I'll be giving a SuperNTF presentation at ILUG too. Maybe you'll be there?

4 - Kevin,

Will you be posting the session slides?


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