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Reflections on Admin2008/Lotus Developer2008 Conference


Developer2008Logo254x86.jpgWith the perspective afforded by a weekend of recovery and reflection (and binge coding on SuperNTF) after last week's Admin/Lotus Developer2008 conference, I herewith offer my obligatory assessment of the event:

LOTUSPHERE COMPARISON. Although Lotusphere has of late offered breakout sessions of outstanding technical quality, I can see why the VIEW conferences have earned their reputation for greater technical depth. I suppose it isn't surprising considering the nature of the magazine itself, which is nothing if not "in-depth" in its treatment of various technical topics. This focus is brought to life by a conference comprised almost exclusively of geek-oriented sessions, which at 90 minutes (or 3 hours for Jumpstarts), offer 50% more time than those at Lotusphere.

PRAISE FOR THE ORGANIZERS. The VIEW staff ran a very tight ship, both during the conference and over several months of preparation. From a speaker standpoint the contrast with Lotusphere is striking because of the rigorous editorial review process that your slides go through.

PRAISE FOR THE VENUE. The smaller scale of the conference made shuttling between hotel room and conference a quick and painless exercise, since all the rooms were within a 2-3 minute walk of one another and the main elevator. Beyond the convenience factor, everything else about the facilities "just worked".

MY PRESENTATIONS. My own presentations seemed to be very well received, and I certainly had fun delivering them and fielding questions afterward. I had the most fun with the SuperNTF one, as this was the first time that the material has appeared at any conference and I actually got a round of applause at the end (thanks for that btw). For those waiting eagerly for the new release to appear, it IS coming soon but I have a few things to polish still. As I alluded to above, the weekend was very productive in this regard.

So all in all a great experience and I'd highly recommend this conference to anyone looking for a high knowledge per dollar return on investment. I also want to thank Chris Blatnick in particular for recommending that the VIEW folks contact me in the first place, and for allowing me the honor of presenting some of his material from last year.

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