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Does Domino's Move User Utility Actually Work?


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A friend of mine works at an organization that doesn't trust the built in "Move to Another Server" capability and is leaning toward building a custom process to handle user transfers. Is this mistrust misplaced? Does it depend on variables like client and server versions, replication topology, etc.? Are there any "gotchas" or special circumstances to consider?


1 - You need a connection between the source and target servers. It is only requirement I've seen.

2 - Also make sure that the source server has appropriate rights on the target server i.e. "Create replica(s)".

Other than that, I've lost count of successful user moves. Emoticon

3 - I've used it with very good success over the years. there are some caveats regarding users working from local replicas that was fixed in a 7.0.2 fixpack or later, but aside from that, once the servers are properly configured as the others have said, there's no reason for your friend to re-write the utility.

4 - I use it on almost a daily basis as I'm moving a lot of users to new servers. I occasionally run in to some permission issues from server but the error logs always set me straight.

5 - Great feedback guys. So do I understand correctly that you might have problems in a highly distributed hub and spoke architecture, where the source and target servers are only "connected" in the sense they both have connections to some hub server? If so, you presumably would just have to create a series of direct connection documents, and simply leave the replication schedule disabled.

6 - Use it all the time. As mentioned already, you will probably need a direct connection between the servers.

Also, and this happens more often than not, LocalDomainServers does not seem to work in the mail file ACL for the "target server" (i.e, adminp appears to prefer named servers over groups). I specifically add the target server into the ACL as a manager.

7 - Yup, works, you need a connection. We leverage this in FirM to do a 'move location' process that:
- moves the user between servers
- optionally recertifies to a new hierarchy
- optionally moves domain
- removes him from all location/country specific groups for the old location
- adds him to all the location/country specific groups for the new location...

Hope this helps,

---* Bill
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8 - Either I or one of my colleagues use it nearly every day in professional life and the only "ahhh bugger" is when you have to move to hub and then out one of the spokes. The only other one that gets me hot under the collar is the "emergency-has-to-be-done-today" move of a 2gb executive-thats-to-busy-to-archive mail file down a 128k leased line, but that's not Note's fault and usualy results in a curt "please vacate my immeadiate vicinity and do not darken my cubby hole again!"


9 - I thought both servers have be in same clutster otherwise it wouldn't work.


10 - Works most of the time, sometimes it does not work do well. The closer the two servers are together the better.

11 - @10 - David, can you be more precise about what doesn't work so well sometimes?

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