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ILUG Slides: Templates and SuperNTF


ILUG2008Banner.pngOK, so I missed the "send your slides to Paul deadline" but at least I'm in good company. Little else can be said that hasn't been about the overall goodness that was the 2008 Irish Lotus User Group conference. From my own narrow perspective, I was honored to be part of that goodness, and found the experience rewarding on both a personal and professional level. As expected there was great technical content, and although I did skip more sessions than I'd like to prepare for my own sessions, I still managed to squeeze in some learning both in and out of sessions.  For example, I had a conversation with Thomas Schulte about his OpenNTF !!SYSTEM!! inventory management tool that yielded the unexpected bonus of a cool embedded table technique that I immediately put to use on a current project.

Among the highlights were my impromptu hosting of Ytria's "SpeedSponsoring" presentations and a last minute "You're doing SpeedGeeking" non-request from Paul, in which I reprieved my "Top 10 Things You Wish Your Boss Understood About IT" bit from last year. I also enjoyed being the token American getting grilled about the election etc. by a dinner-table full of my European friends (you know who you are )

"Yeah, yeah, whatever." I hear you saying, "where are your slides?!?"

Fine. They can be found on SlideShare here. Enjoy


1 - It was great meeting again in Dublin.
Thanks for the slides.

PS - We'll be waiting for a blog post about the bonus.

2 - I can't wait to see them! I really wanted to attend this year but the timing just wasn't right. Maybe next year though. :)

3 - The "grilling" was one of the highlights of ILUG2008 for me! I learnt a lot, thanks for being a great sport! Emoticon

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