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Q: Antivirus Options for Domino on 64-bit Windows?


Symantec is apparently taking their time coming out with a version of their Domino antivirus tool that works on 64-bit Windows servers. So, I'm asking you my knowledgeable readers what other options exist to meet this requirement and what are any pros/cons/gotchas with those options.  

Thanks in advance!


1 - Kevin:

Contacted my Trend Micro rep. Here is their official response.

"After checking further into your inquiry regarding Scan Mail Domino and 64 bit Windows NT servers, the answer is that it is not supported at this time."

The did not provide any insight as to when it might be.

There is always Linux. Trend Micro supports both 64-bit Linux, Solaris, and AIX. I can help your client change platforms, too. :)

Seriously, I've asked them to keep me updated on the release. When I hear, I'll pass it along to you.

Have a great holiday weekend.


2 - The best advice I can give is "Don't run Anti-Virus and/or AntiSpam services on your Domino box".

Domino is an amazingly robust product but many of these other services aren't. They'll also be subject to a lot more updates and maintenance.

Either install a dedicated hardware appliance on your firewall or redirect your SMTP via a cleansing service. We did that about 3 years ago and have had no problems since.

3 - As a BP (IBM Bussiness Partner), we will move away from Symantec the next year. Since 1-2 years we begged Symantec to mark the templates as Advanced Templates, so that nobody could select these templates as a mailfile during creation. But Symantec didn´t heared. It happen quit often that such a mailfile is choosen and needs to be changed. ticking a small checkbox would solve the problem. But... no way... so we as a BP would recomend trend micro in the future. They hear what the customer need.

4 - Kevin -- just heard from my Trend Micro rep on the 64-bit ScanMail for Domino update. Here is the status:

"Just heard Q2 in 09. Beta will start in April."

Outside of Scanmail, you can also have a cleansing service, but it will only work well, if they cleanse outgoing SMTP mail as well. But know that Notes-to-Notes mail will not be touched, so a user can still upload a file from their home machine, say via a USB drive, CD, or webmail account--if allowed--and infect users internally.

So, one's strategy here, needs to take into account the whole situation and risk assessment to be effective. I have clients that have an appliance, others use Scanmail. It's situational.

Good luck.

5 - Thanks everyone for the feedback. With the launch of Lotus Protector as essentially an appliance-based approach to spam, viruses (viri?), et. al., it does seem the best approach is probably, as Gavin points out, leave the poor Domino server the heck alone. Then the server OS is irrelevant.

6 - Symantec Backup Exec 12.5 (just out) should be able to backup Domino 8 on Windows 64bit.

No support for R7 though.


7 - From what I gathered a while back there have been many changes taking place that has slowed Symantec down in regards to this product but will be worth it later. I do not have the details, we will just have to wait and see.

8 - Here is what appears to be the latest. On Monday May 4th Symantec will come out with SMSDOM 8.x which is the next major release of the product. This will be out for Windows and AIX. Sometime later Linux and Solaris versions of SMSDOM 8.x will come out. This is a new port over of the Windows product over to the other platforms and one version of the product will be eventually available for all the platforms currently available for without having to be two different products. Once the 32bit port over is complete then the effort will switch towards 64bit. The new AIX version will look and feel like the Windows version and will use the same core code making the product easier to support and provide the most demanded features by customers from the windows side over on the other platforms. Could be interesting.....

9 - Check out Trend Micro ScanMail for Lotus Domino Version 5.0 is available now.

It supports Domino 64 bit on Windows 2003 and 2008.

10 - I need an anti-virus for a Domino server that will act only as a web server (web users will be depositing files), so scanning mail won't help it. Is Avast the only option in this case?

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