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Motown Bound - I'm Headlining at Detroit Notes Pros Conference Sept 10


MadeInDetroit.jpgThanks to Mike Sobczak, Rob Wunderlich and all the folks up in Detroit for inviting me to speak at the September 10th gathering of the Detroit Notes Professionals group. It will be an all morning conference during which I will deliver two sessions. The first will be an updated "Templates, Templates, Everywhere..." and the second will cover all the latest cool features and updates to the soon-to-be-released SuperNTF template.

So if you're in or anywhere near Detroit I hope to see you at the conference and at the geek lunch that I'm sure will follow. Also, if you're going to be there and live either near Dearborn (where I'm staying), or the Airport, I've got a pocketful of gas money .


1 - Kevin,

I wish I could be there to join in your sessions in Detroit. I'll be in Orange County CA on the 10th arriving home the 11th. Enjoy your time with DNUG, they are a great bunch of people.


2 - Kevin, I'll see you there.

3 - Emoticon I'm so bummed out that I missed you (and everyone else). The baby is coming any day now, so we have to keep up with all of the doctor's appointments, PLUS I'm on call this week, then running into work right now and getting a surprise baby shower.

Will you please take a raincheck?

4 - Thanks everyone who attended. I had a great time and appreciated all the good questions and feedback. Special thanks Mike for the superb hospitality.

@3 - Ray I'm really sorry you had to miss it but am glad your priorities are in order. Congrats (in advance?) on your new family addition Emoticon.

BTW - I sent Mike the presentation files so he'll probably post them on the group site at some point. Oh, and if anyone who attended just can't wait for me to fully polish up the next public SuperNTF release, ping me and I'll send you something sooner.

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