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New SuperNTF Release Now on OpenNTF!


SuperNTF LogoUPDATE: If you downloaded 0.9.7 already, go back and download 0.9.7c as I just put in a bunch of little usability tweaks that will get you started even faster and smoother.

From our "better late than never" department comes word tonight that a new release of SuperNTF has (finally) appeared on OpenNTF.

It has many, many enhancements and has gone through quite a bit of "hard use" as the foundation for several recent client projects. Among the new features is a pretty slick "quick start" routine that identifies when you're opening a template (.ntf) as opposed to an actual application (.nsf), and then helpfully offers to sign the template and/or create a new application based on it. It then configures key db properties and ACL settings that you otherwise have to massage by hand. In other words, you should be able to get rolling much faster than is typical with these releases. (This technique will be it's own SnTT blog entry at some point).

To get an overview of what SuperNTF is all about you can check out the slides from my ILUG presentation Start Your Notes App the SuperNTF Way. It's a little out of date considering the many improvements made over the Summer, but until I have a chance to put together more documentation, blog entries on specific features, and screencast tours, it's not a bad start.

LotusUserGroup LogoI'm pushing the new release out this week in large part because of the fact that I'm hosting this week's LotusUserGroup.org topic forum all about SuperNTF. Please join me for the remainder of the week on LotusUserGroup.org for what I expect will be a lively discussion of all things Templates. So while I take a few days to properly write-up a list of all the new goodies in this release, please download the new SuperNTF and then stop by the forum to ask questions and participate in the conversation.


1 - Congrats Kevin.
Hope I finally can make some time to dig into this version.

2 - Great news

3 - Congrats on the new release! The "quick start" feature sounds uber-hot.

4 - Cool! You are definitely affecting my ADD!!!!! Congrats...here comes v1.0

5 - Great news, but about the template, wouldn't it be an idea to adapt once a presentation layer that adapts the guidelines IBM has written for creating Lotus Expeditor applications?

6 - @5 - Hi Patrick, can you explain what you mean a little bit? Are you saying add some sort of overlay to what's there now that let's it readily plug in to composite apps and such?

Better question: Are you volunteering to write it? Emoticon

@All - Thanks everyone for the good wishes. Please go out and bang on it and let me know what's broken or confusing. I've already gotten some good feedback and have a bugfix release coming shortly.

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