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Do you run your business on email, or on Lotus Notes?


How's that for a question to build an ad campaign around?


1 - Lotus Notes, with "some" email (viewed in Notes of course).

Good question!

2 - How about "Does e-mail run your business, or does your business run Lotus Notes?" Emoticon

3 - My business runs on Lotus Notes.

Notes is the first app I boot up on the morning and the last I shutdown at night.

I do spend a lot of time in email but MUCH less since I began using eProductivity ({ Link } Now, eMail is simply a communications vehicle for me while Lotus Notes remains my information communication and action system.

Yes, my business runs on Notes.

Proud of it.

4 - @2 - Corey maybe that can be the second question you see after you flip the magazine page. Think of one of those 4-5 separate page ads that build on one another as you turn the page.

@3 - Eric, though you probably have an idea of where this "random" thought came from, it is worth noting for other readers (both of you!) that my inspiration came from all your cool David Allen/GTD stuff I've been catching up on lately. In particular Episode 92 of the Taking Notes Podcast
{ Link } which is a conversation with David Allen and yourself where we learn that David has run his company on Notes for *years* and can't figure out why he doesn't see it appreciated more in the marketplace.

Episode 96 { Link } is also essential listening for anyone reading this who is interested in GTD.

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