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The Definitive Collection of "Please Fix the Workspace" Links


Another "Please give us a better Workspace" idea was recently posted on IdeaJam, this time by Thomas Leriche. The key difference here is that I have taken the time to troll around IdeaJam and the Lotus Blogosphere fore as many related links as I can find and put them in the comments of this idea (see comment 7):

For good measure, I will post the same links here:

From Mary Beth's old blog:

{ Link } June 14, 2006: Lots of discussion on a workspace prototype, with screenshots
{ Link } January 3, 2007: Update on the fact that the workspace redesign wouldn't be in 8.0
{ Link } February 13, 2008: Questions about the Gridded Bookmarks (followup to previous link)

From the 8.5 Beta IdeaJam site (hint: go vote for these):

{ Link } Nathan T. Freeman on 31 May 2008: Change the way the Workspace works
{ Link } Nathan T. Freeman on 31 May 2008: Update the Workspace

Related IdeaJam ideas (some titles paraphrased):

{ Link } Patrick Kwinten on 25 Jan 2008: Idea to be able to save different workspace sets
{ Link } Jim Roysdon on 03 Apr 2008: Zoomable Workspace
{ Link } Patrick Kwinten on 07 Jan 2009: Extend Undo function to (deleting) DB icons from the Workspace
{ Link } Tomas Ekstrom on 14 Feb 2008: Choose whether to stack Workspace icons at the application level
{ Link } Thomas Adrian on 11 Sep 2007: Doubleclick on workspace = File - Application - Open
{ Link } Patrick Kwinten on 03 Jan 2008: Workspace update (some great thoughts on updated functionality and UI)
{ Link } Jan Flipsen on 29 Jan 2008: workspace management (more great suggestions)
{ Link } Patrick Kwinten on 19 Mar 2008: Option to set a default workspace page to open
{ Link } Karen Demerly on 01 Nov 2007: Right-click, Arrange by..., in workspace pages
{ Link } Keith Brooks on 08 Nov 2007 and { Link } Keith Brooks on 08 Apr 2008: Keith *really* doesn't like being stuck with a gray workspace
{ Link } David Camara on 08 Nov 2007: Ability to [programmatically] manipulate Workspace (i.e. to find/remove dead icons)

Other Links:

{ Link } Panagenda's cool Workspace skin tool

If you know of any others please post them here and in the idea above. I will update this post as I find more.


1 - { Link }

Doesn't this look a lot like the Notes Workspace could look if made modern?

{ Link }

Having used Notes 8 for a few days now I am reminded of symbaloo

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