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Ytria ScanEZ Tip: Mass Delete Documents With No Code and Without Tying Up Notes


logo_ytria.gifAmong the many great things about Ytria's ScanEZ tool is its ability to perform operations on a Notes database in what amounts to a background process. In other words, the Notes client itself is not tied up waiting for agents or other lengthy operations to finish running.

So let's say you're testing a new application and you want to purge 20,000 OpenLog error log entries (you of course ARE using error logging in your code, right?). If you try to delete them using the Notes client, plan on grabbing coffee, since Notes will be unusable for a while. If you're hitting a server database, or deleting, say, 200,000+ documents, you should plan on grabbing lunch. If your network connection to the server is less than stellar, you might even have to wait until you leave for the day and hope it finishes by morning. And at the end of all that, you still have a ton of deletion stubs which are of no use unless you actually replicate the database somewhere.

The "better" approach would be to write a quick LotusScript scheduled agent to grab a document collection and do a dc.RemoveAll. Or if you have soft deletions enabled and don't want to fill your trash bucket, you could loop through the collection and do a doc.RemovePermanently. Either way you're still stuck with deletion stubs whether you like it or not.

The "Best" approach that I know of is to use ScanEZ. It opens in it's own application window, so anything you do to a database within the ScanEZ interface doesn't interfere with your ability to use the Notes client. To delete a bunch of documents there are many ways to select them. You can select them in a view first and open ScanEZ, or you might simply select all documents based on the "LogEntry" form within ScanEZ itself. You can also do much more complex searches to filter down to the documents you want to touch (whether to delete them or do anything else). No matter how you select them, when you're ready to delete them, you can even choose "Do not create deletion stubs" and "Also delete responses and sub-responses". Then just hit "Yes" and go back to working in Notes. It may still take a while to complete the operation, but you don't need to wait around while its working.

A picture named M2

Oh, and if you've been doing it the hard way for a while and have a million deletion stubs laying about, you can also use ScanEZ to delete them all in one go.


1 - We use this technique all the time with those accounts that have multiple delivery failures. The mail delivery document shows up as a separate document type and you can delete them all in one fell swoop. Especially handy if you have an account that has been compromised in a phishing scheme. I love ScanEZ! Emoticon

2 - I bleed orange too! Can't live without ScanEZ!!!

3 - We love Ytria scanEZ also! Use it daily! Whenever we need to do any single-use maintenance agents or programming our first question is "Can Ytria do it?" Emoticon

4 - ScanEz is an excellent product, but what do we think about logging changes ScanEZ does ?
I have requested this from Ytria, but as yet, no response.

Surely other companies like to log changes made to live data through agents e.t.c, but ScanEz bypasses auditing by not logging to my knowledge. Be nice to log to a database or at least a text file which can then later be used as an audit ?
May hit performance a little, but if optional ?

Thoughts ?

5 - Thanks for the kind words everyone.

Paul, I just stumbled upon your comment and I've looked into this question for you with our dev team...We're always trying to improve scanEZ, and here are some of their thoughts on your suggestion:

We can implement a logging feature in scanEZ. However, at this point we found that the pros for a logging feature did not outweigh the cons for a couple of reasons...

Performance: Unfortunately, it would have a very negative impact on performance (as it would require writing something in a file for every single action; the performance hit would be even worse if changes were logged in a database).

"Security/Auditing": The other big issue here is the false perception that people will have in what seems like a "security/auditing" feature (logging to know who did what and where), but since it would be optional there wouldn't be any "security" at all.

It's for these reasons that we did not put the logging feature on our "to do" list for the moment...

6 - Hi folks,
In case people are still stumbling upon this post and Paul's comment in particular: scanEZ and the other Ytria tools now do offer the option of logging changes made using the products. You can read about it here:
{ Link }

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