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Nokia E71x: AT&T Puts Symbian S60 on the North American Map


External ImageAT&T is now offering a slightly tweaked version of my trusty Nokia E71, the E71x (shown), for a subsidized price of only $100. I'm not sure what goodies, if any, my $400 unlocked model retains that might have been disabled on this one, but for now I will blindly choose to believe there must be some if only to stave off feelings of regret.

The real significance of this new offering?

It is now official, Symbian/S60 has arrived in North America as a carrier-supported smart phone OS, bringing Lotus Traveler for Symbian that much closer to mainstream. For AT&T, this brings to three (and with iPhone/Traveler integration coming, soon four) the number of Lotus-compatible smartphone OS platforms it supports: Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian.

AT&T's big selling point for the E71x is that is the "The World's thinnest smartphone" and I would have to agree it is quite nice to be able to "front pocket" this phone without being constantly reminded you have done so. The Symbian OS has taken some getting used to though, so I don't see this becoming a huge seller right away. Still, I am looking forward to more random encounters (Warren, you don't count ) with fellow E71 users, even at the risk of wishing I hadn't paid $400 for mine.


1 - I just purchased my phone thru wal-marts website and paid .99 cents plus they threw in a 4gb memory card. That realy must make the $400 dollars hurt! ;)

2 - La la la can't here you! <grrr>


3 - I got this handset 4m my friend, its very delicate n low in sound. New applications may support it probably....Over all 2.5 out of 5

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