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Domino Designer 8.5 Tip: Where Working Sets Are Stored


Since I just had to go through the frustration of "losing" all my DDE working set information (after deleting the entire Notes\Data\Workspace folder to test a Notes client "fix"), I thought I'd share what I had to do to restore it all from the backup I took (see, I'm not as think as you dumb I am).

Disclaimer: Your mileage may vary. I have only tried this on an 8.5.1 Notes client running Win XP and make no guarantee that it will work for you, nor will I provide any support if you break something while attempting the following. You have been warned. That said, if you do back up the affected folders as you are told to, you should be able to recover if any problems arise.

Step 1: Shut down the Notes client (including Designer and Admin of course, if applicable) and make sure ALL Notes processes have turned off before proceeding. If you're unsure, reboot and don't launch Notes until Step 3.

Step 2:  For each of the following, make a backup of the "new" folder (and all contents) and then overwrite it with the "old" version (either from a backup or from a different system):


Step 3: Open Notes and Domino Designer and make sure your working set information has returned, and that all the links etc. work properly. If not, shut down Notes and restore the above folders to their original state until you either figure out why it didn't work or give up trying. If you learn anything new in this process that would help others, please say so in the comments.

Hope this helps.


1 - Ah the arcane mysteries of the Eclipse interface to Domino Designer gradually unfold! ... We all now need to learn these Eclipse "tricks" it would seem. In a similar vein is the need sometimes to add or edit various lines in files like plugin_customization.ini and reinstall.properties (both of which I've had to edit in recent months).

Crikey! Twenty years ago we were being promised that application development in the future was going to be simpler, which I suppose it is in a way, until the "black box" (here, Eclipse) needs to be opened and all the springs, gears and rubber bands inside need adjustment.

2 - A fairly comprehensive guide on the Notes directory structure (i.e. what goes where?) can be found here: { Link }

3 - hi there, thanks for your tips. I saved the files you mention, but I didnt get my previous working sets, although I got the whole list of applications.

As I had saved also my whole data\workspace folder, I tried to replace it all, and it worked like a treat ... lets see for how long : )))

4 - Thanks for the assist! I also had trouble with my working sets but found this { Link } on eknori.de

5 - It worked for me (being on R853).
I did also restore the working sets in org.eclipse.ui.workbench.
Strongly respect exiting Notes before replacing folders. I was too frenzy to wait, and even restarting the client was not enough. I had to reclose everything and re-replace the files.

Thanks for this rare tip !! I am an admin with hundreds of databases, and the Designer working sets (and the old desktop.ndk) are the two things I would really be sorry to lose - dozen of hours needed to rebuild. I will backup only this files (and the bookmark maybe, with my custom toolbars).

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