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Simple Idea to make Grouped Tabs in Notes Client Really Shine


If you like the way the Windows 7 task bar works then you'll really like this idea to put some polish on a cool but not quite perfect feature of the Notes client. I'm talking about the option to group multiple windows from the same application under a single tab, as discussed recently by Bob Balfe in this blog post. Here's what you get now...

A picture named M2

...but if you want to make it better, go vote and add comments if you have additional thoughts:

Improve "Group documents from each application on a tab" usability

Keywords: Group documents from each application on a tab


1 - Hi, i'm using basic version of IBM Notes 9.
Do you have any idea how to set this grouping tab for basic version?

2 - Hi Khairul, I'm pretty sure you cannot do this in the basic client as the functionality is likely tied to the eclipse framework that is disabled in basic mode. Sorry Emoticon

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