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Thank You to Eric Mack and Our IBM Hosts for a Great DC Lotus Professional Meetup


As a follow up to last week's terrific DC Lotus Professionals meetup, I want to extend a few well deserved Thank Yous. The first goes out to our featured guest Eric Mack of GTD/eProductivity fame for imparting his invaluable insights and practical tips on increasing our personal productivity. The group was enjoying Eric's presentation and the accompanying conversation so much that we blew right through our 5PM end time because no one in the room felt like stopping. That should tell you something. I have to say that I have been inspired to take the next steps and start applying GTD principles to my daily routine using Eric's eProductivity Notes template. You'll probably see an up-tick in blogging here as that process unfolds. There are two other group members who already use the template and report great results, so I am especially looking forward to following their example.

The second thank you goes out to IBM for arranging to host our meetup in their brand new Washington DC offices. Maurice Cogdell and Jeanette Coury really came through for us in the face of a challenging timetable, especially considering IBM has only been in their new office for a couple weeks.. The conference and training room they have there is state of the art and very well designed. It is large enough to accommodate the much larger groups we hope to see attend future meetups, but has a coziness that works well with smaller crowds too.

I would also like to apologize to any folks out there who didn't see the meetup announcements in time to attend. As mentioned above it took some extra work to get our meeting location confirmed, so that meant a very short turnaround to promote the event. If you haven't already, please register on our Meetup site so you are always informed about upcoming plans.

And finally, Eric would like me to remind those who did attend last week that he is offering you a free eProductivity Reference Database with GTD Materials. If you haven't already made arrangements with Eric and want to avail of this offer feel free to contact him directly. Two lucky attendees also received a full Pro & Premier license of eProductivity in the drawing we held during the meetup.

We are now planning our next meetup for January and are looking for ideas on speakers and/or topics. I would encourage you to join our Meetup Group and use the site's idea features to make suggestions.

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