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Chaos in the Pettitt Household


Today was fun. My kitchen floor was being torn up and replaced with hardwood, toilets were being installed, tile was being grouted...and with all this we're continuing our crash course in sterilizing formula bottles, changing diapers, and burping baby. That I was able to get any work done and find time to blog about this today at all is amazing.

Actually the construction chaos will probably be over by the weekend at the pace everything is being wrapped up.  It's been a 4-month process altogether, adding a kitchen eating area and two new bathrooms, including one on the main level which didn't have one before. Our house is almost 80 years old, so it's been interesting to see how things were built back then as walls have been knocked out, etc..  Not unlike deconstructing an old Notes database in order to add enhancements.

I'll be posting more pictures of house, baby, etc. in the months and years ahead, but am trying to get my new iMac configured to simplify that process.  I was trying to figure out which online photo service to use and think I've settled on Flickr...now just need to find time to do it.

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