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Flagging good Notes.net Forum posts


Before there was blogging, there was Notes.net, which will always be Notes.net to me even though officially it is now called the "Lotus Developer Domain". Over the years I have turned to the Notes.net forum for code snippets and other answers of all sorts and have rarely been disappointed. I have also posted my share of responses to others' requests for help, and many of these posts could be viewed as blog entries of a sort. I have also posted brief responses (e.g. "Great tip!") to some of the most useful items in the forum, which act as virtual bread crumbs to help me later re-find them by simply pulling up a list of all my posts.

Recognizing this, I have added links in my BlogRoll to "My Forum Posts" for all my posts in both the Notes 4/5 and 6/7 Forum. Think of these as as an extension of this blog, and don't be surprised if I "re-publish" some of my favorite old material here. Also, feel free to let me know if there are any topics from these posts that you would specifically like me to bring up and perhaps expand on in Lotus Guru.


1 - I agree that notes.net (and if they ever fail to renew that, I'd never find it again) was a lifeline for developers in ND 4/5. However since R6 I have visited infrequently and found little response when I did, (admittedly I have not been as prolific in responding either) but more so I was troubled by the impatience and attitude of participants, who seemed to go to the effort of a reply to just be difficult. And I certainly am not posting this in that spirit but rather to share 2 resources that I have used to fill the gap. The first actually led me to the second.

Most of us now use GOOGLE to take a quick first crack at a solution regardless of what type of problem, and if you haven't tried it, do... it can make huge problems simple at times.

But using google led me to Experts-Exchange (http://www.experts-exchange.com/Applications/Email/Lotus_Notes_Domino/) and (http://www.experts-exchange.com/Web/Lotus_Domino_Admin/). With a unique model of friendly competition and point rewards, it is a place with a real sense of community and collaborative effort to solve problems! It also has a strong PAQ section, though some searching of previous solutions requires a premium membership. But since easy questions mean easy points, I have seen little condescension or derision, and no questions are “dumb”. In case you are wondering, I have no interest in experts-exchange other than the more resources in the community the better it becomes. (Just don’t tell those grumps !)

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