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Lotus Guru Blog Upgraded to Blogsphere 2.1

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Those of you who happened to visit here earlier today may have wondered what happened to the left and right columns of my site. Well, last night I upgraded to the latest version of Blogsphere (v2.1) and for some reason the D6.SideBlocks subform refused to load. I finally figured out that this was the culprit and fixed it by simply creating a new subform and pasting all the old content in, then replacing the old subform.

This upgrade includes all the original minor customizations to fix some of the display glitches inherent in the source template, including the search "Go" button wrapping under the search field in IE. I will probably get around to fixing those issues at the source within the next week, which should help everybody. Declan Lynch has already cross-certified my id for the Blogsphere design server.

So what's changed? Hard to tell from the web side, but I am excited about the enhanced photo handling and the podcast features that I yet to implement. I guess I'll get to talk about all this tonight at the DCNUG meeting.


1 - Kevin,

I am still using BlogSphere V2 Beta8. I can not turn on the "Full Archive" function (if it is switchable on and off). In my Archive block, I see 6 months worth, but that is it; no Full Archive. Can you help?

Sorry for the interrupt. You blog look ultra tight. Nice.


2 - Hi Tim,

Thanks for the comments. I'm glad you like the site. Not sure what you're problem is but I'll send you my current template when I get a chance and that will probably fix it.



3 - Kevin,

That would much appreciated. Thanks,


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