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Lotus Guru Style Enhancements Added to Main Blogsphere Template


Over the weekend I added the many code and styling customizations used in this site to the Blogsphere source template maintained by Declan Lynch . In other words you will all soon be able to use the Lotus Guru look and feel as a starting point for your own blogs by adapting my CSS document to your own purposes. Sometime this week I'll blog specifically about how I've used pure CSS to achieve the 3-D look.


1 - Kevin,

Any way you can ZIP up and send a copy of the template to me? Vince, Anil and I are wanting to start up an OpenNTF blog sooner rather than later and would love to use your template as Declan is traveling.


2 - You're welcome!

3 - Excellent - thank you.

4 - Hey Bruce,

Glad to help. I'll send it over later today.


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