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Session Saver Firefox Extension - "Notes should do this!"


Sorry for being quiet lately. One word - newborn. For what its worth, I have been THINKING a lot about things to write, if that's any consolation.

As I'm getting my head around preparations for Lotusphere (Yes, I'm going ), I thought I'd share a tip about a truly life-altering Firefox extension with all my Lotus friends. It's called Session Saver, and you can find it here.

The concept is pretty simple: When you shut down Firefox (or even if it crashes - hey, even Notes still crashes), Session Saver will kick in when you restart Firefox and restore your tabs exactly as you left them. The impact on my day to day surfing behavior, and the level of convenience, has been enormous. I can leave my favorite websites up all the time and not have to reload them all every time (which I would probably not do if it involved doing it manually). This also enables me to find interesting sites that I want to review "later", and just leave them open in a tab, sometimes for months, before getting to them. I don't have to write down a list of sites to check somewhere that will get lost. You can even save specific session profiles and reload them at any time, which is great for a client demo, for example.

My next question is: Why doesn't Notes do this? Wouldn't it be great if you could shut down Notes or recover from a crash and have it bring back the exact same mix of open windows. The parallels with Firefox's tabbed browsing are pretty striking, and it certainly seems like a logical option to give users. As a consultant I would like to see the concept extended to different saved sessions associated with different "Locations", which often in my case means different clients. This would greatly ease the pain of shifting my focus from one client to another and back, and probably has value to mobile users and employees who work on multiple projects too. Anyone else feel strongly about this?


1 - The "ultimate companion" to session saver is the "Tab X' extension. It brings the close button in FF out of its right corner onto every single tab, so FF is more Notes7 like. The only downside: when closing the tab it gets selected, so the tab next to it becomes current. Need to get used to it. Find it here: https://addons.mozilla.org/extensions/moreinfo.php?application=firefox&category=Tabbed%20Browsing&numpg=10&id=785

2 - Guess I need to start working in ND7! Still, what I REALLY like about Session Saver is that it doesn't require an overt action and will pickup the pieces after a crash. I don't suppose 7 does that too?

3 - Hey Stephan: I tried Tab-x but it chewed up too much real estate on each tab and I tend to have A LOT of tabs open. But I do have a solution for your problem of tab focus, which is a not just a Tab X issue. I'm referring to another little extension gem known as FLST, which is short for "Focus Last Selected Tab". Check it out here: https://addons.mozilla.org/quicksearch.php?q=FLST&section=A&application=firefox.

There's another extension called "Tab Mix Plus" (https://addons.mozilla.org/quicksearch.php?q=Tab+Mix+Plus&section=A&application=firefox), which on paper (or screen I guess) appears to be the end all-be all super tab enhancer that includes all the functionality of both Session Saver, FSLT, Tab X, et. al. The problem is shortly after I installed it (and to be fair a few other things), my very powerful machine started to go to 100% CPU most of the time. So I removed it and one or two other new additions and things calmed down. I may simply need to remove all the conflicting extensions to avoid problems, but has anyone else used Tab Mix Plus without such problems?

4 - Thanks for the posting, you mentioned this at the DC Lotus User Group and I hadn't taken the time to hunt it down. It works great.

Take good notes at LS '06 ! I'll ask you and Neil to join me for a LS '06 overview in February.

Hm, you keep mentioning a newborn, any pictures of the new-and-improved Pettitt?

See you in LS '06

5 - I would extend this to designer as well. <br><br>Compare Eclipse &amp; VS.NET - they save all open windows state when you exit the IDE (not crash) and brings up the state back when you restart and it does all this automatically.

6 - Notes does do this.

V7 Notes - Save Window State under the file menu.

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