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Firefox SessionSaver/Tab Mix Plus Redux


Earlier this week I posted this about my favorite Firefox extension called Session Saver. In the discussion that followed a number of other useful extensions were mentioned, mostly related to the tab browsing features of Firefox. At the time I mentioned that I had come across a promising new extension called "Tab Mix Plus" which could perhaps replace many of the single-focus extensions out there with one unified super-duper tab browsing enhancement extension.

Well, I have now been running Tab Mix Plus (available here) on a Windows XP Pro PC without trouble for several days, and have to say it lives up to the promise, and then some. It does a lot more, but if you liked the idea of the session saving features that I covered earlier, this is certainly a better choice than Session Saver, and I would highly recommend switching. While you're at it, you may need to remove some other extensions whose functionality Tab Mix Plus makes redundant. For example, "FLST", "Tab X", and "Tab Browser Preferences" were part of my old extension mix, but don't seem to do anything that Tab Mix Plus doesn't also do better. If you are careful not to have any conflicting extensions I doubt you'll experience any CPU utilization or other performance problems like I initially saw when I had everything running at the same time.

Once you've installed it, you will probably have to turn on the session restore features and make a few other configuration tweeks. Conveniently, the Tab Mix Plus preferences are directly accessible from the Firefox Tools menu.

Have fun - there's a ton of powerful features in there so I would encourage you to explore, especially if you find any of the default tab behavior annoying, as you can probably change it with this extension.

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