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Selling Small Organizations on the Value of Domino


Another great EdBrill.com discussion this week centered around the challenge of selling Notes/Domino to small organizations which might think that they can get better value using any of the many "cheaper" or even "free" alternatives such as webmail.  The conversation was sparked by Gregg Eldred when he wrote about the loss of a long time Domino customer to this fate.

On the positive side, the many comments on both blogs provide some very useful talking points to use with clients who may be tempted to make a similar mistake.  Seems there are quite a few costs and risks associated with taking the "cheap" route that are often overllooked when comparing the value of such a move against Domino.

This is a must read for anyone frustrated by the challenge of making clients understand why Domino is such a great value, or for anyone who is unsure whether Domino is a practical solution for very small shops.

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