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Ian Irving's Better Save & Close Action


This whole blogging thing is really interesting.  Today when glancing through my referrer list I noticed some hits from a domino blog in italy, which appropriately enough, is all in Italian.  Seems several Show-n-Tell Thursday posts, mine from last week included, caught the eye of someone at Dominopoint.it.

Delving deeper to have a peek at the other three posts mentioned, I came across one here from Ian Irving that actually has a direct tie-in to my modular validation post.  Basically, I left out a potentially important element in my tip relating to how you code a "Save & Close" action button to avoid raising an error when the validation kicks in.  As I mention in my comment to Ian's post:

"What I forgot to mention in that post is that since you’re interrupting the querysave by popping up a validation dialog, a “normal” filesave/fileclose action button will raise an error.

The solution I had was to use a Lotusscript button with the following code:

Sub Click(Source As Button)
On Error Goto FINISH

Call uidoc.save ‘ if validation fails, this line should generate an error
‘If no error generated, then lets continue…
Call uidoc.close()

Exit Sub

End Sub


In short, I like Ian's approach better, which is nothing more than this:



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