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Now running on Blogsphere 2.5 Pre-Release w/ Co-Comment Integration

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Sometime soon Declan Lynch and Chris Brandlehner will probably unveil the next release of Blogsphere, likely to be dubbed v2.5. I updated LotusGuru.com to the latest code yesterday and it's gone mostly very well. I did have to fix some bugs in the agent that relinks comments to posts since it turned out I really needed it, but otherwise everything has worked so far. A few of the enhancements and modifications are visible to my web readers, but most of the new stuff is either backend related or simply not implemented yet on this blog. Those of you using Blogsphere for your own blogs will definitely want to consider upgrading. Some of the major highlights include:

  • Tighter integration with Technorati tagging. You will now be able to apply one or more Technorati tags to a story, in addition to the regular category. For example, you might have designate a post with a category of "Admin Tips", and technorati tags of "Show-n-Tell Thursday", "Lotus Domino", and "Lotus Notes".
  • Rich Text Fixed: The prolific Tom Duff and others who like to post from the Notes client (including me) will really appreciate that Richtext posts with multiple pasted images no longer break during MIME conversion. For that matter, it seems that the annoying problem of blank lines being added to the top and bottom of posts after each save is also fixed. I had been using various "tricks" to get around this problem, which made it much harder to dash off quick posts with a simple screenshot or two. Expect to see more of that from me going forward.
  • Co-Comment Integration. If you're wondering what that is, don't feel bad. I'm still trying to understand it completely. All you really need to know now is that 1) it's cool and you want it, and 2) you need to go claim your favorite screen name NOW before its too late.
Dec and Chris have also done some cool stuff with the photo album features that many of you will appreciate. You'll also find that several style sheet options are now available in the template, including the style sheet I created for LotusGuru.com. And much, much more...stay tuned.

Update: Looks like the Blogsphere 2.5 release was already posted here, before the Technorati bug was noticed.  However, the fix is simple, as Chad Schelfhout has posted here.  I re-refreshed Lotus Guru and ran the Admin\Health Check agent and all is fixed.


1 - No sooner had I posted this than I realized that the Technorati tagging bits don't like tags with spaces, even though many actual tags (e.g. "Lotus Domino" and "Show-n-Tell Thursday") have them. This, my friends, is why we test

2 - I've just put in a very simple replace substring in the Technorati tags field to get around the spaces problem.

4 - Just noticed it also . Already applied the fix.

5 - Oops looks like my first use of CoComment has screwed up the HTML in my previous post. Apologies.

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