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DC IBM/Lotus User Group Meeting Today


In addition to the main presentation that IBM will be making on Workplace Forms, I will tonight also be kicking off what may turn into a regular DCNUG feature.  After last month's meeting where Jack, Allison, Sean (Phigment), and I gave short presentations on "overhauling an old Notes App", it became abundantly evident that I like to talk about Notes.  Good thing for Lotus Folk, not so good for my wife!  Jack  Dausman at least seems to think my extemporaneous outpourings on various "Notes Best Practice" topics are worth giving me 15 minutes to deliver, so I'll try not to disappoint.

Tonight I will start things off with a discussion and demonstration of OpenNTF's famous OpenLog application, written by the equally famous Julian Robichaux at NSF Tools .  OpenLog solves two key problems in Domino Application Development: 1) Error handling and 2) Event logging,
in both Lotusscript and Java code (even Javascript with a little trickery). This is one of those "If you have Notes, you should be running OpenLog" situations, and I will show you that it is amazingly easy to deploy and begin using in your agents. By the end of my 15 minutes you will have no excuse to ever again write an agent with no error handling, and hopefully you will begin thinking of creative ways to start tracking other activities throughout your Domino environment.

For the What/When/Where, go here: DC IBM/Lotus User Group

Hope to see you there!

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