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Administrative Note: There are 4 T's in Pettitt :-)


I'm pretty used to people misspelling my name, especially by dropping the 4th T in Pettitt, but since having it misspelled in the Blogosphere is creating some "Google confusion", I thought I'd set the record straight.  So, a big "thank you" to everyone who has mentioned me on your blog or who links to my blog, but please doublecheck spelling when you get a chance.

Similarly, if I EVER inadvertantly misspell a name (yours or someone else's) on my blog, please do not hesitate to point it out.


- Kevin


1 - Thanks guys, and for those restaurant hosts and hostesses out there, it's pronounced "DOWS mun", as in DOW Jones.

2 - I spelled it wrong on my OpenNTF link to your site, so I just edited to add the missing "t". Sorry about that! I get plenty of mispellings myself...

- Julian Rowboatshow

3 - I bolted over to my site, to double-check I had the spelling right. It's ok, but if DCNUG ever messes up, please let me know.

So, while my name gets mispelled as well, it usually is simply misprounced. Now, when I go to a restaurant, and am asked to leave a name and wait to be called, I use a way to avoid having my name verbally mangled. I simply change it.

I know my tablel is ready when my kids smile at being called, "the Royal Party of four."

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