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Great Resource for Domino Administration Best Practice


I was doing a little research today on Domino Administration best practices, and came across a tremendously useful presentation by Andrew Pollack, President of Northern Collaborative Technologies and frequent Lotus conference presenter.  The Powerpoint file, entitled A closer look at the Lotus Notes/Domino 6.5 Administration Client, is notable in that it provides concrete step-by-step guidance on correctly setting up things like the Adminstration process (adminp) and Domino's Certificate Authority for your environment.

Having done work to evaluate Domino infrastructure setups where such things are not always set up properly, I appreciate how difficult it can be to find good, concise reference material such as this.  Well worth bookmarking.  There are actually several other excellent presentations and resources on Andrew's site, so I'm going to add a link to my "Domino Resources" links section.

Thanks Andrew!


1 - Hi Andrew! Thanks for the feedback, the insight, and for giving back to the community so generously. Looking at your list of presentation reminds me that I have to get back my "Admin Zero to Hero" DVD from Lotusphere 2006 which I loaned out . I can't remember now if I went to that one live (being that attending Lotusphere is like getting hit by a firehose of info) but I definitely wanted to have it for future reference.

I think I will definitely get some mileage from several of your presentations for my current client. Great stuff!

2 - Thank you Kevin. Rocky forwarded this link to me and I appreciate your comments. That presentation has been well received in the last year or two at various shows and has become a sort of model for how I write my presentations now. I just started with "what I need to know, why, and where to get more information" rather than going for byte level configuration options nobody remembers after the show.

Please feel free to dl and use it. All my presentations are up for dl without registration or dna.

3 - Check out Chris Linfoot's site for some really good info on spam filtering, etc in Domino. Goes into a lot of detail that isn't easy to find in the Lotus help db.

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