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Lessons Learned: Software Testing Automation


In researching the question of whether there are any tools available for performing automated tests on Notes client applications, it became evident that not all tests are worth automating.  This is particularly true if the tests are not repeated very often and involve a long and complex series of steps with frequent user inputs.  In such cases, the effort involved in using a tool's scripting interface to create the automated script will be far greater than any potential benefit.

The key point to remember is that "automated" doesn't mean "without user involvement".  Even the best tool will still require configuration and setup, not to mention management and interpretation of the testing output.  In other words, no "magic bullet".

So it was reassuring to discover an online review of the book "Lessons in Test Automation" by Elfriede Dustin which goes into some depth on this topic.  The reviews covers some similar observations to my own, as well as several others that I think are well worth reviewing if you have any notion of exploring testing automation and want to avoid the many potential pitfalls.

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