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...and yeah, it can do that too!

Picking up the thread started by Julian Robichaux and continued by Ed and several other bloggers regarding the challenge of explaining what Lotus Notes is all about, I thought I'd throw my $.02 in. I really love the idea of embracing the incredible versatility and power of Domino as an application *platform* rather than trying to distill it down to a simple elevator speach. The "yeah, it can do that" tagline is absolutely brilliant.

Since the single most effective way I've found for explaining Notes to the uninitiated has been to whip out my laptop and *show* people some examples, I had the idea of using "THIS is Notes..." as another tagline that might go along with a visual ad campaign or demo booth banner. It might even be a good opening line to introduce a "nifty-fifty-esque" set of databases made primarily as demonstrators. Creating powerful and meaningful stills of Lotus Notes screens might be a bit challenging since it's usually the movement through the screens, from views to forms to dialogs, etc., that makes the big impact.

IBM already produces streaming demos of product functionality, and these are great vehicles for this sort of content. But it needs to be easier to send links to those demos (one click on the site, fill in email address/name, etc.), than it is. It's fairly easy to create flash demos like these, so perhaps we might start to see more of them being produced independently. This demo of the Workplace Managed Client is a very impressive example of what I'm talking about. I'd like to see a collection of shorter (1-2 min), narrowly focused videos covering some interesting aspect of real-world, custom Notes or Domino applications. Bringing all these together in one place (youtube anyone ?) would be a good way to back up the "yeah, it can do that" mantra by providing instant show-n-tell of a wide variety of examples.

Maybe that's a tad more than $.02

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