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Show Your Blog Icon in Bloglines


I've recently started making much greater use of Bloglines to stay on top of my Domino blog reading, and I noticed that only a relatively small number of bloggers have their blogs show up in the view with the custom icons that typically appear in the browser address bar and the window tab (at least in Firefox). Even if you don't use Bloglines to read posts, other people probably read YOUR blog this way, so read on if you want to give your blog that "professional" touch.

Getting the icon to show in Firefox is pretty easy, and was one of the first things I did when launching this blog. Using Blogsphere, you need only upload any 16x16 pixel graphic (gif, jpg, png, whatever), and point your Blog Configuration to that image resource to get Firefox working. IE is another story, as you have to add a site to your favorites before it will show your icon in the address bar. Either way, your best bet is to create a "real" icon (e.g. favicon.ico) rather than a simple gif or bmp. If you don't know about Favicons, you can learn more about what they are at, where else, Favicon.com. Several applications are available to allow you to create your own *.ico files. I used a trial version of IconForge.

Getting the icon to show in Bloglines is a little more complicated. The first thing to remember is that even if you do everything right on your site by adhering to the "Favicon" standard, Bloglines apparently only refreshes those icons on a weekly basis. However, you can (and should) "claim" your own blog in Bloglines and then point it to your Favicon url and it will update immediately. Blogger Dave Daniels explains how to do this here.


1 - It's true, it IS a bit of work to get it all going. The funny thing it, I tend to rely on the graphic icons that people are using more than the text links.
Best of luck!

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